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Digital Storytelling – Central Place Arcade

Couple at Espresso marketplace

It was a cold spring afternoon central place in the city of Melbourne, the 12th of October at 1pm in the afternoon. People walk in directions in conversation, with dense areas of restaurants, bars and cafes with waiters interacting with customers. Signs are visible with a variety of food selection including pizza, vegetarian meals, cuisine food and a range of wines and drinks.

Men and women of a range of ages are present during the vibrant laneway in the afternoon. The outer public are active, walking, exercising or dining at tables and chairs, also interacting with mobile phone technology. Central place is a laneway with cafes and restaurant in the City of Melbourne. Also with features of street artwork and wall paintings. It is a significant place for public access near flinders street station, it is located between Collins and Flinders laneways. There is an assortment of colours and detail among the environment of laneway. There are some people living in residencies above the restaurants.

Initially it had different name at the turn of the century with toilets and industrial buildings at the location. It is a popular destination with tourists and the outer public. Organisations advertise around Collins Street as it’s in the middle of the city. Walking through the central place laneway, a well-known café named Lorca has a delectable selection of food with breakfast options and the option to sit outdoors. There is an atmosphere of industrial gastronomy culture, with the voice of customer inquiries and bird species collecting food from the surface of the bitumen laneway. There are approximately 1,000 visitors during the afternoon around the café laneway. It was evidently a peaceful and populated environment. It is similar to other locations in the city, including the Block arcade and Collins place.


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