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Morning Glory film review

Introductory moment with Becky Fuller, meeting Harrison Ford as News Anchor

Morning Glory is a film about the producer Becky Fuller who makes a start with a daybreak New York broadcast company. She is succeeded by the Journalist Mike Pomery who is comedically quarrelsome at times. The introduction of the film shows Becky at a restaurant in conversation with a romantic interest. As it progresses her family life and initial producer experience are portrayed with financial difficulty. It engages the audience with intrigue and enquiry into the industry of television producers.

Colourful visuals with depth are present throughout the film, visually attractive with cinematography elements, camera panning and time-lapse are produced from film director Roger Michell. Becky talks about semiotics, only having 3 years of study on her resume at interview with Jerry Barnes. The producer is delighted at the success of landing a job with daybreak. The highlight of the film is when ratings are returned to an impressive high and the broadcast team are standing up applauding with a successful journalism story about a degraded Mayor.

Becky Fuller’s character is intelligent, creative and is a winner on all fronts. It is difficult for the viewer to tell that she is acting throughout the film. I would score this film at 4 stars, perhaps not the standard for an Academy Award. It really tells the narrative of daybreak in New York, a multimedia news dream for the audience.

Soundtrack from Morning Glory on Youtube

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