Hobbit Village Door entrance from the film, December 2015

The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug is a story about Bilbo Baggins on a journey with Gandalf the Wizard and 13 dwarfs on an adventure to reclaim the lost kingdom of Erebor. The introduction of the film communicates an interview with the Wizard Gandalf, which is engaging with emotion for the audience. Gathered around tables, the dwarfs are involved in discussion. An early feature of wolf creatures appear daunting in a mountainous forest area, which provokes a reaction from the audience. The Hobbit Village is the residence of Martin Freeman’s character Bilbo Baggins, where the dwarfs appear in conversation around tables. An area which depicts the introduction to the Lord of the Rings series.

Lush scenery throughout the film appears visually attractive with cinematography, with a variation of angles and camera panning from director of Photography Andrew Lesnie. The best scene of the film is the barrel sequence. Bilbo and the dwarves ride down river in wine barrels, Director Peter Jackson has them chased by both Orcs, Legolas and Tauriel, who finds themselves protecting from enemies. The character Legolas played by Orlando Bloom had some recognizable moves and skills from the original Lord of the Rings Trilogy, which can be seen in The Desolation of Smaug.

Villain Orcs which appear throughout The Hobbit, illustrate with dark and eerie backgrounds speaking in a language which is translated as a Hobbit Dialect. The Hobbit brings a sense of nostalgia from the Lord of the Rings series, in comparison it tells a story different way which isn’t quite as inspired as the Lord of The Rings. It is based on the original novel The Hobbit from J.R.R Tolken, which was first published on September 21, 1937 and was award a prize for best fiction narrative.

Ian McKellen acts as the Wizard Gandolf, and Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins the dwarf adventurer. They act the most significant roles in the move, with Ian McKellen showing a wise, influentially noble character, as a leader for the dwarfs. Martin Freeman’s character appears to wonder, almost lost for thought in personality at times, however performs well in action scenes. There appears to be an element of bravery with balance of humor and drama in Bilbo’s character. The film appears to be unpredictable at times for the audience.

It is an adventurous story which is a definite improvement from its predecessor An Unexpected Journey, it is an inspired storyline creating interest for the viewer with exploration and an energetic fast paced narrative sequence. There is a sense of suspense between, Hobbit dwarves and Orcs, hero and villain combat which leaves the audience guessing. The storytelling from the Novel of J.R.R Tolken appears to be on a different tone with the trilogy. A recommended watch for any cinema audience, not visually over affected by visual effects or CGI, The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug is sure to surprise, a visual treat, a movie nearly 3 hours in length which engages the audience all the way through the film.

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