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Personality interview with musician Rowan Kelly

Rowan in the Kitchen during winter evening, viewing night of Mel Gibson film

From an early age Rowan Kelly always enjoyed music and the sound of the piano. He had lessons during primary school and jazz music was an inspiration. His favorite artists were Duke Ellington, Nat King Cole and Ella Fitzgerald. He had 4 years in total of musical lessons, been playing since for 35 years. When playing the piano he finds it conveys a sense of accomplishment. The musical song ‘Unforgettable’ which was produced in 1951 and was inducted into the Grammy hall of fame in the year 2000, tells a story for him which is happy, reminiscent and dream like reflecting personality.


Cooking each day is fulfilling for Rowan. He finds it challenging at times with a joy factor, enjoys sharing with others with a sense of appreciation. Curry is one of the favourite meals and enjoys the technical aspect of cooking, expressing ‘there is more to it than it seems’. It involves a cooking style, seen as inspiration with a combination of different flavours. He researches recipes which are recommended from the Internet with the use of home grown produce, such as parsley, lime, mandarin, mint, chilly, spring onion, lemon, quoting ‘fresh is best’. He describes cooking as a process with a level of attainment which is thorough and doesn’t take short cuts. Works from a recipe with base and formation from different stages.

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A day of gardening for Rowan is fulfilling with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. Encompasses hard work with results, enjoys a variation of colour with a sense of balance in the garden. For personality he believes gardening stimulates the senses, which stresses of life are released. Petunias and pansies are his favorite plants. Rowan brings elements of structure and formality when growing produce in the garden.

As for religion he believes in discipleship, that God has created purpose and meaning in life, he helps and guides people. The right way of living, develops life skills from the Christian bible. Teaches how to live, how God would want us to live. He attends the Winepress Church every Sunday. Quoting the mantra ‘Love God, Love Others, making a difference’ and believes there is a unique feature with each personality. As for public speaking he likes to avoid the stage, encourages people and gives understanding. Has acceptance with people, gives them a hope and a future. First became religious during early stages of Primary School, from prayer about the Lord’s Supper with his mother Rosemary.

Each day is viewed as a day of opportunity for Rowan, speaking to others about the philosophy of life, also showing empathy toward others with a pleasant personality. Each day is seen as a gift, with a positive attitude showing appreciation and gratitude to others. Quoting ‘I make small choices for great results, persevering over long periods for gradual changes.’ Currently he lives with his wife Meryl and a pet cat named Ivy in Berwick Springs.


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